"Without Safe & Healthy Youth There Is No Tomorrow!!"

Why Your Donation Is Important

Greetings, Future Donors!

I do hope that this letter finds you doing wonderful and embracing the cusp of a new year. I have some amazing things going on and I would love for you to be a part of them. My name is Leslie Wilkes and I’ve been fortunate to spearhead an amazing movement. Founding the WLL Enterprises Inc. in 2011, this effort started with a passion for minimalizing childhood obesity. Often times, we hear of adults who suffer with such issues, but it is definitely a problem amongst youth of all ages. Over the last 3 decades, there has been a major increase in children and adolescents suffering from this issue – and some have even ended fatally. But why?

The issue has been that there simply aren’t enough resources and organizations willing to assist those who can’t assist themselves. Obesity issues can effect one’s health in an exponential way; however, there are those who simply leave their condition untreated because they simply can’t afford to seek help. Some can’t afford to purchase “proper” foods or join the local gym. And while many could say that they can “just take a walk” or “just watch what they eat,” that isn’t always the easiest option for those who deal with this on a daily basis. We need more people willing to provide resources and time. We simply need someone who will care enough to help others become well. And that is where you can assist me.

If I could single handedly help every youth across the country and the world, I surely would. But this isn’t a battle that I can fight alone. Therefore, I’m asking for your help. I need to provide resources for the families that have this issue within. Because we don’t want it to cause detrimental health factors, that could lead to death and damaging sicknesses. So a solution is necessary.

I want to help teach communities all over how to fight obesity by learning to make proper eating choices, doing simple exercises that can aid them daily, teach them about the importance of nutrition, show them how to rebuild their self-esteem from the inside out, and so much more! But again, your assistance is needed.

Join me, won’t you? Your monetary donation will help me reach the masses. It will afford me the opportunity to go into various communities with a team of professionals who can be hands on and show others how to live healthily, not just tell them. It will allow me to be a blessing to other families and help them make healthy food choices. These donations are tax deductible and will always go towards making our children healthier. I believe that they’re worth the investment!

No amount it too big or too small. And what’s so amazing is that you can even make donations from the comfort of your home. I welcome you to visit my website at www.wllenterprisesinc.org to find out more about what I’ve done and how I’m serving families, one at a time. And if you have any further questions OR if you’re a health professional that would like to join forces with me, there is a contact form on the website to provide me with your information. I would love to have your assistance!

Thank you for your time and attention! I look forward to what we can do…TOGETHER!


Leslie Wilkes, Founder

WLL Enterprises, Inc.