"Without Safe & Healthy Youth There Is No Tomorrow!!"

Author Wilkes


WLL Enterprises Inc. in partnership with FEMA has released a fun interactive coloring book, “If It Happened To You, What Would You Do?? We also have a self-titled program which prepares our youth for when they’re faced with an Earthquake or Active Shooter, this book is simple, straight to the point and easy for our Youth to understand.

WLL Enterprises Inc. mission WAS to bring awareness about healthy eating in hopes to eliminate childhood obesity. Now our mission is to make sure our Youth live a Healthy and Safe lifestyle as we help prepare them for the future. 

Our goal is to get these books in the hands of as many of our youth as possible especially in low-income and disadvantaged communities across the US.

These books are disigned for kids (5+) to bring awareness to our youth about proper eating as well as increase the literacy within our youth.

100% of author's proceeds will go to WLL Enterprises Inc. to help bring awareness and help in the fight against childhood obesity.


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September is National Childhood Obesity Month......

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